Why to join Melfitleague...future IPL in Fitness

  nobody will remove you from the job. When you have to be the leader, take the lead, take lead at the city level only why on some company where you give years of time and art sudden they remove you from there. join Melfitleague and we are going to make future ipl in fitness. Apart from it you also get products to sell. (Think of working together. if you think you should do on your own. it will be a mistake for you because i amb going to choose 4000 people. Stop thinking to work under some idiots who has full control in you. Think and decide now to work at City level than state level. where you are the only boss. No one will ever remove you from here, noone. Join now!  Joining Fees : 25,000/- (city level) Joining Fees : 10 lacs(State Level) Your joining fees becomes tje investment for Melfitleague ans not our profit. This is how we are fundimg the company sorry Melfitleague system. We are making it syatem not just company that will work for everyone in the city. if you have to show, sh

Welcome All the Meliorists!

Meliorist Fitness League Hi Meliorist! A new class, a new trend, a new generation. Morning: Fitness & Health Day: Work Even: Live the life connecting people, demonstrating talents. Night: Slepp, Rest. Sunday: Roadside Shows- 3 hrs(6-9am)- Carry Speaker and then announce ansd perform anywhere in city Thanks for joining Dear Future city Melfitleague Fitness Leaders! Join to get trained to Become a Melfitleague Fitness Coach in just 1 month and become the City Head Coach with Franchise for 1 year from Melfitleague. Join Now! Fees: 1,25,000/- ❌ Pay Only 25,000/- ✔️ till Sept30,2023. Benefits:  - Home town City Franchise, - Get support from 4000 other Melfitleague City Fitnesspreneur for marketing to make clients, - Membership on App, - Recognition as a City Fitness Leader, - What's Best-1: 40% revenue share on all total products sold in your city(additional benefit) - What's Best-1: 4000 other Fitnesspreneur work fir you mutually for your business marketing. - The most glorious